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"Forever. For Real." Workshops

We believe that marriage success can be learned, and that there are tools available that will help couples communicate effectively, resolve conflict constructively and handle other problems that, if unchecked, can lead to divorce. These same skills can be beneficial to single persons, as the concepts are equally appropriate and applicable for other types of relationships, including parent/child, co-worker/co-worker and unmarried parent/unmarried parent. Additionally, these skills can be a way for single persons to discover what went wrong in former relationships and learn strategies for making different decisions related to future relationships.

The OMI selected PREP® (the Prevention and Relationship Enhancement Program) as the curriculum for its "Forever. For Real." community-based workshops because of its research basis and its evaluation record. To learn more about PREP, please visit www.prepinc.com.

Oklahoma "Forever. For Real." Workshops are delivered in a variety of settings by OMI-trained professional and paraprofessional workshop leaders and are available across the state. They are educational by design and presented in a group dynamic. Some of the topics covered include:
  • Communication - How to talk safely without fighting
  • Preserving fun and friendship
  • Maintaining commitment
  • Learning and identifying danger signs and avoiding common pitfalls

These workshops are also not just for couples having problems in their relationship - whether attendees are looking for love, working through difficult issues or happily married for 40 years, they can benefit from a "Forever. For Real." workshop.

During a "Forever. For Real." workshop, attendees learn techniques to help understand why something as simple as a request to take out the garbage can escalate into a major disagreement. Once they know how and why fights or disagreements begin, they can learn how to prevent them or fight in a healthier manner.

Couples also have the benefit of watching other couples learn how to communicate effectively with each other through a series of videos and lectures. Then they have the opportunity to practice these techniques. They are not asked to share anything they don't want to with the class or to reveal deep, dark secrets with strangers.

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OMI Statement of Services

It is important to understand the scope of "Forever. For Real." workshops. Educational workshops provide a great deal of useful information and tools that can be put into practice when needed, leading to a more fulfilling and long-lasting relationship. They are educational and mostly focused on teaching skills and information. They are not counseling, nor are they meant to meet the needs of those struggling with more serious individual or relationship issues such as domestic violence, substance abuse, depression or divorce. However, for those wanting more help with such matters, we can provide information about additional resources.

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